Transportation of Backpacks with Camino Cómodo

Pack "Santiago to Finisterre»

Santiago de Compostela – Negreira – Olveiroa/ A Picota – Cee/ Corcubión – Finisterre

Available from March 1, 2023 – Groups consult by phone

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Pack 4 stages «Of Santiago to Finisterre»

Hire the transport of your backpack with our 4-stage PACK, and make your way more comfortable!

Transfer of the backpacks in the different stages of the way with exit of  Santiago from Compostela, passing through Cee or Corcubión and the end of the road in FINISTERRE!

Stages included:

  1. Santiago from Compostela – Negreira
  2. Negreira – Olveiroa/ A Picota
  3. Olveiroa / A Picota – Cee/Corcubion
  4. Cee/Corcubion – Finisterre

+34 678 62 10 47

Important announcement:

There is no transport of luggage to tourist flats or houses in Santiago of Compostela. Instead we offer lockers where you can tell us to leave your luggage. Consult information in the following button.